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If you’re even half as enthusiastic about wildlife as I am, you’ll love this one – a speed painting created in Photoshop by Edward McEvenue. It took him roughly 24 hours to complete this wonderful painting.

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Twitter UI updateIt was a night filled with work, mostly like every other night. I was sitting and doing my regular sharing / posting on twitter. All of a sudden my updates weren’t refreshing, I couldn’t navigate backwards or forward, I couldn’t click any links either. So the good old F5 (Command + R on the beloved MAC) had to come to the rescue.

What appeared infront of my eyes next was nothing less than mindblowing. At first I though I had been forwarded to a different website, but after a scouple of seconds I realized I had just witnessed a massive Twitter upgrade. Not only did they run this massive UI upgrade on their website, they also upgraded the apps for Android and iPhone users.

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60 seconds on the internetHave you ever wanted to know how many iphone applications are downloaded in a minute? Ever wonder how many new videos are uploaded to youtube in 60 seconds? What about the number of Facebook status updates?

Well, this chart breaks down the most important numbers for you. Some of these numbers are really mind-boggling. Click on the image to view the fullscreen image.

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Three women become a tiger paintingIf you think you’ve seen art, think again. What artist Craig Tracy has come up with is nothing short of amazing.

He chose a canvas with a difference for his striking three-dimensional picture of a tiger.

Three naked women spent an amazing 24 hours as his subjects as he assembled his masterpiece to raise awareness about the plight of endangered creatures. Mr Tracy assembled the women on the floor of his studio and then used paint specifically designed for human skin.

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