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Posted November 23rd, 2011 1 Comment
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Fabulous World wide web Well well well, look who’s back. It feels like I haven’t posted here in ages..and that’s probably true. Without going to check my post log, I’m guessing it’s been 6-7 months or so. I’m amazed my blog still shows up in the search engines with the current lack of updates.

I haven’t forgotten about Fabnomena.com though. I’ve just been extremly busy with some of my other projects and I don’t think I’ll ever see an end to my to-do list.

So, what projects have I been working on you may ask? Well, if you really want to know…here I go!First and formost I’m going to move to Fabnomena.com to a new domain. I’ll break down the details for you all later, but let me just say there always is a reason for everthing.

As much as I love my blog, some of my projects occupy most of my time, which leaves this blog unused and outdated. My biggest problem is currently the # of hours in a day, which is 24. If we somehow could slow down the rotation of the earth, we could double the # of hours in a day ( If you’ve watched NatGeo you know that wouldn’t be a good thing in the long run.)

I’m currently in the process of selling some of my domains. Why? My goal is to free up some space for bigger “names” that I can develop. I think I’ve gotten caught up in this world of domains a little too much, hence I’ve bought domains I haven’t even had time to look at.

One of my most recent aquisitions was STFUA.com (use whatever word you like for A, I chose Already!). Originally my idea was to make that domain the new home of my blog, but instead I put up a simple twitter feed that mirrors everybody telling someone to shut the fuck up already! Until I come up with a better idea for the domain, I’ll leave it at that.

Some of the other domains I haven’t had a chance to look at are CreativeDesire.com, BrandMod.com, LikeB.com, Psykd.com, OhHuh.com and 10 or so more domains I’ve picked up in the last 5-6 months. Get my point? :) They are/were all great ideas and I like the names, no doubt about that. But I’ve realized I can’t develop them all, for sure not maintain all of them and keep them up to date. So I’m going to keep a few, sell a few and we’ll see where it goes from here. Sometimes I really hate my creative mind because it keeps spinning and spinning, searching for new brandable domains. It’s addicting so be careful :)

I recently purchased a domain that I can’t talk about yet (the domain transfer is still pending), but it’s definitely going to be one of my primary domains in terms of development. I think the name has huge potential and I can’t wait to share it with you all and hopefully some of you will participate on this project as well.

For now I’m off. I promise I will post again before the next iphone is launched. I just have to find a way to sort through my to-do list in a efficient and straight forward manner. Have a great weekend all!

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  • On December 1, 2011 at 12:25 pm
    Strost wrote:

    Good to know you´re keeping the blog alive. I was wondering what happend to you, because your blog was outdated but your twitter account showed high levels of activity :)

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