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Posted April 14th, 2010 No Comments

CS5 Master CollectionAdobe has finally launched the much anticipated Creative Suite 5!

The product revamps PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, DreamWeaver and Flash and it comes with a new feature: Omniture, a tool to track the relative success of different versions of websites, such as a new home page design.

The full product, called Master Collection, is priced at $2599 and if you have the predecessor,  its upgrade is $899.

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Posted February 22nd, 2010 2 Comments

Photoshop_logo.svg It’s not often that a technology product, even a successful one, enters the language as a verb. Some of us google, but nobody iPhones, Excels, or HDMIs.

But by remaining influential over a history that now spans 20 years, Photoshop software has achieved a place in the English language.

Over its two decades, it grew from a single black-and-white image-editing package to a multi-product franchise, a starring member of Adobe Systems’ Creative Suite line, and, of course, a verb.

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