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Posted February 6th, 2010 3 Comments

Super-Bowl-2010It’s that time of the year once again. All the pain, all the sweat, all the ups and downs of the season lead to this final game, the Super Bowl XLIV.

The two best teams of the season by a long shot are going to bang their heads together in Miami this weekend. The New Orleans Saints vs the Indianapolis Colts, Drew Brees vs Peyton Manning.

One of the key matchups will be between Saints WR Marques Colston vs. Colts CB Kelvin Hayden. Colston led the Saints in receiving during the regular season, but he caught just two passes for 22 yards in the NFC Championship Game vs. the Vikings. He’s a physical receiver with good size and height and deceptive speed. He also has very good jumping ability. When the Saints are in the red zone, look for Drew Brees to try to connect with Colston on a high throw.

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Posted July 5th, 2009 2 Comments

Steve McNairOnce again, a very tragic death has been reported, one of so many in the last couple of weeks. Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was found dead late saturday afternoon, shot multiple times, including once in the head, at a Nashville, Tennessee, condominium.

Police said they found McNair and a woman identified as Sahel Kazemi shot to death after receiving a phone call about an injured person. McNair’s body was found seated on a living room sofa, authorities said. Kazemi sustained a gunshot wound to the head, authorities said. Police also said a pistol was found near her body.

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