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Posted October 12th, 2010 No Comments

windows phone 7Last night Microsoft Corp. joined its partners in revealing nine new Windows Phone 7 handsets that will be available this holiday season from leading mobile operators in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

With more than 60 mobile operators in over 30 countries worldwide committed to bringing Windows Phones to market, the millions of people around the world looking for a phone that plays as hard as it works will have a variety of phones from leading device-makers to choose from.

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Posted September 2nd, 2009 7 Comments

Windows-Mobile-6.5Microsoft’s new Windows Mobile cell phone OS is set to be available in new smartphones starting October 6, 2009, a little over a month away. The new OS is supposed to have an easier UI, superior browsing capabilities, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, and a way to back up all phone information called My Phone.

I’m not sure how Windows Mobile 6.5 or Windows Mobile 7 (for future reference) will do against the much hyped and very popular Android OS made by google. I think this is Microsofts last chance to impress their “fans” because the Android OS is a REALLY great and well organized operating system.

Like I said earlier I’ve been playing around with the HTC Hero for quite some time now, and I am still REALLY impressed over it’s usability curve compared to Windows Mobile 6.1. The HTC Magic was great, but the HTC Hero and the new, improved Android ROM is even better. But lets not get off track, lets get back to Windows Mobile 6.5.

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