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Therese_JohaugGratulerer med seieren, Therese!!

The young, talented, high-energy athlete from Dalsbygda won the 30 kilometers freestyle cross-country skiing world title for the first time on Saturday. “This is a dream come true” she said at Universitetsplassen in the heart of Oslo upon reception of her gold medal.

Therese also picked up a bronze medal in the 15km and a gold medal in the 4×5km relay. This has without a doubt been Therese’s best World Championships so far. Something tells me the best is yet to come :)

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Oslo_2011_LogoThe skiing cross-country world championships in Oslo, Norway kicked into high gear this week.

Norway has already won a gold medal thanks to Marit Bjørgen and we expect the norwegian team to pick up many more medals in the coming weeks. Stay up to date with all the events on the official website, Oslo 2011.

I’ll be attentding a few event myself so I’ll definitely keep you all posted during these exciting world championships. If you ever wanted to take a look at Holmenkollen up close, this is definitely the time to do it!

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