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If you’re even half as enthusiastic about wildlife as I am, you’ll love this one – a speed painting created in Photoshop by Edward McEvenue. It took him roughly 24 hours to complete this wonderful painting.

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Tiger trappedALL of you know that I’m a big admirer of the wildlife on our planet. I accidently stumbled across an article about the global condition and slaughtering of the tigers presence. The headline over at MSN reads  “1,000 tigers killed for body parts in decade“!!!

Some of you may think that’s nothing compared to other species, but you’ve got to look at the WHOLE picture. There are only 3200 tigers left, GLOBALLY! That’s close to a 25% reduction in 10 years.

Needless to say the article made me furious and I’m shocked how far the wildlife crisis has crossed the red line.

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