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Posted August 16th, 2009 2 Comments

Usain BoldDid anyone else watch the 100 meter finals in Berlin a few minutes ago? I still can’t believe what I just witnessed on tv. Usain Bolt ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. If that isn’t insane, I don’t know what is. In all this Bolt mania, lets not forget about Tyson Gay, who also had a great race. He clocked the 100 meters in 9.71 seconds, a new US record. Asafa Powell finished 3rd with a time of 9.84 seconds. I just want to add that this was the best 100 meter starting lineup EVER, no questions asked.

The performance Usain put up tonight was INSANE! Last year when I saw him run in Beijing I knew the guy could go a lot faster. We all knew!  I remember 5-10 years ago when the sprinters were fighting to cross the 9.80 mark. To this day, most worldclass athletes still hover around that time frame when they run the 100 meter. Tyson lowered his own record to 9.71 which also is a MAJOR improvement. I listened to a couple of interviews with Usain after the race. Usain knows his coach will find things that will improve his record by another 1/10 or 2/10’s of a second. According to Usain himself, the run was 95% perfect. That’s what I call fabnomenal!

I can’t wait for the 200 meters later this week. Usain is in the shape of his life and he’ll easily break the WR (19.30 seconds) he set last year.

In case you missed the 100m final, you better take a look at this.

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Posted July 5th, 2009 1 Comment

Hot Dogs It’s time to bring you one of those crazy news snippets once again. Joey Chestnut defeated Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi at the 2009 edition of the Fourth of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, wolfing down an incredible 68 hot dogs.

It was the third consecutive victory for Chestnut, and Kobayashi, the six-time champion, once again finished in second place. Last year, Chestnut and Kobayashi tied at 59 dogs in the 10-minute regulation time, and then Chestnut won in overtime. This year Kobayashi improved, eating 64 dogs, but he didn’t improve as much as Chestnut did.

Watch a 5 minute round-up of the epic hot dog battle inside this post.

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