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Web ImageI don’t often find time to update my blog but I think it’s time that I post some links to some of the websites that have taught me a lot over the years. Some of you know that I’ve been online since the early 90’s and I’ve witnessed a lot of websites come and go. Some are greatly missed, some are not.

Every person in the online world has his or her favorite websites. We go there, we read, we learn, we’re passionate about the content and we’re always looking forward to the next update. I’ve taken a closer look at some of the websites that have shaped me over the years and helped me stay on track in the continuous online evolution.

Namepros – A community for people in the domain industry. If you’re not into domaining that’s fine, I’m not a big domainer myself but I like to keep myself up to date with the latest news from the world of domains and registrars. Namepros is the perfect place if you’re looking for a friendly but professional discussion forum. You can ask questions without being laughed at, you can ask for help without  being flamed.

Sitepoint – Sitepoint is a webmaster forum. If you’re looking for information on various topics like online marketing, webpage design, search engine optimization (SEO), programming or monetization, you’ve come to the right place. Not only does Sitepoint have a great community forum but they also have great e-books for sale, a great web portal and very knowledgeable staff members. If you’re into web-development, Sitepoint needs to be in your bookmarks.

WebHostingTalk – WebhostingTalk has been around for as long as I can remember. This forum is great if you’re new to the web and you need to find a great hosting company. What I like about WHT is the fact that you get the chance to interact with a lot of  the people from the hosting industry. This gives you a chance to narrow down the wide range of companies that offer their hosting services.

WHT also offers great reviews of a lot different hosting companies from around the world. If there are hosting companies you should stay away from, WHT and the members there will tell you.

DVinfo – The Digital Video Information Network is a great website and a fantastic resource if you’re looking to get into the video business. The website covers everything you need to know if you want to stay up to date on digital video, photography, media production and editing software.

The community forum is also a great place to interact with people in the media, movie and television business. This is definitely a website to look at if you’re interested in video or television production.

Dvxuser – This website is another great community forum if you’re looking to get into video/TV production or media related businesses. The forum has a lot of highly talented, passionate members with a keen interest in everything that deals with media production and online entertainment.

CGSociety – CGsociety is the ultimate place for people with a passion for anything that has to do with digital art. The society for digital artists offers software reviews of the hottest tools and programs needed to create stunning computer graphics. The website also offers a separate section where people can find the hottest GFX jobs in the industry.

Members of the CGsociety have the opportunity to post their own portfolios on the website to attract potential clients. I’ve personally looked through some of the portfolios and the quality some of these artists put up is AMAZING!

Last but not least does CGsociety offer a fantastic community forum where members from all over the world can exchange ideas, critique each others work and learn a lot of new things. If you’re an aspiring GFX artist, CGsociety will be your new home.

I hope you have enjoyed this little review of some of my favorite websites. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the web or you’re a professional, these websites will always contribute to the expansion of your knowledge. I’ll leave you with some amazing facts added up in this youtube video.

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