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Posted October 17th, 2010 3 Comments
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tv domain extensionMost of you know that I’m a big fan of the .TV domain extension. I haven’t been involved with .TV for more than a year, but I’ve been involved with the internet for almost 20 years and I’ve seen the changes that have taken place. I remember when I first heard of .TV 10 years ago. It seemed like such a great opportunity to create TV shows online, watch videos and share all the stuff we do with video clips instead of long, boring articles. But for some reason the .TV extension really never caught on and most people haven’t heard of the extension so far.

I’ve decided to take a closer look at the .TV phenomenon, where it’s heading and why it disappeared in the past.

The Technology
Technology is a major key player in terms of video production and the evolution of the .TV extension. Look at where technology stands today compared to 10 years ago. The whole video production cycle has changed dramatically in the last decade. The video equipment has become a lot better, and a LOT cheaper. More people can afford a video camera to start their own video diaries or video shows. The sofistication level of video editing software has also changed dramatically for the better. A lot of video editing software out there like Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio or Adobe Premier have made it a lot easier to edit video content, to add effects and to create a all-round great viewer experience. The software is also a lot cheaper today and the computers needed to run the software have also improved a lot. You can also find a lot of free editing software on the internet that will get you started in the video editing field.

.TV popularity today

Video is being used more and more on all kinds of websites on the internet. You can see it being used for news coverage, sports events, live shows and entertainment. Google TV, Sony Internet TV and a lot of other major corporations are contributing big-time to the merging of the internet and television. This causes a lot of what we call end-user awareness. End-users are the everyday people in the store buying new TVs or regular visitors to our developed websites. The awareness doesn’t necessarily include the .TV extension for now, but it’s good for the overall awareness of the merging of TV and the internet. I believe that in the future more and more people will become aware of the .TV extension due to the fact that 1) more and more video is being used online and 2) because the TV and internet are merging to become one thing in the near future.

.TV Domain Pricing

Like any other product on the market it is important to look at the pricing structure. Up until March 18th of 2010 a lot of so called “Premium Domains” were reserved with ridiculously high annual renewal fees. A good example was News.TV which would cost the owner $1,000,000 to renew on a yearly basis. 50,000+ domains were included in this pricing structure. This type of pricing and marketing didn’t exactly excel the domain extension into the hearts of media companies when extensions like .Com or .Net cost less than $10 per year. On March 18th, 2010  Verisign removed this pricing structure and implemented a new, much improved price plan. Certain “premium” domains now hold a one time premium fee, with regular renewal prices after that. A regular renewal price varies somewhere between $20 and $40 dollars, depending on the registrar of your choice. To give you a example of a currently available premium .TV domain: General.TV is available for purchase at around $1500 for the first year and $30 every year after that. Some registrars run multi-year registration promos where you can register a non-premium .TV name for as low as $9.99 for multiple years in one go. Name.com is one of them.

Google .TV stats

To give you a quick example, look at it from googles perspective. I found a pretty old thread over at Namepros.com. This forum thread is 173 days old and I think it’s pretty interesting to see how .TV has evolved since February 2010. Out of pure curiosity I did a new search on google for indexed .TV sites today using the regular site:*.TV or site:.TV command in the google search box.

The numbers google returned very nothing but astonishing.

Let’s take a look back -

* In February 2010: 11.2 million .TV sites were indexed by google.

* By late April 2010: 28 million .TV sites were indexed by google.

* By mid October 2010: What do you think? How many .TV sites were indexed today?

Here is a breakdown of the numbers:

* February 2010: 11.2 Million .TV sites were indexed.

* April 2010: 28 million .TV sites were indexed – a 250% increase since February 2010.

* October 2010: A whopping 76.8 million .TV sites are now indexed by google. That’s a massive 274.3% increase since late April 2010.

Now, I don’t know about you all, but I think a total increase of 524.3% indexed .TV sites in a timeframe of 8 months is a pretty impressive increase and it can’t be ignored. As a friend of the .TV extension I hope we’ll continue to see this kind of development for .TV but we also have to remember that a lot of work remains. The only way to make this extension grow in the long run is to create quality, brandable websites that put the .TV extension on the map! Own.TV is a good example by the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Google also recently announced that they treat .TV as a gTLD (generic top level domain), not a ccTLD (country code top-level domain).

For more information on the .TV extension you may want to look at Watch.TV, Enom.TV or Verisign.TV.

Good luck and welcome to the future :)

Comments and Opinions3 Comments
  • On October 18, 2010 at 9:13 am
    FrankyP wrote:

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know there was a .TV extension until now :) Maybe that’s where my sister should start her new vblog. It’s impossible to find a good com webdomain.

  • On October 18, 2010 at 9:17 am
    Thorsten wrote:

    Hi FrankyP, dotTV is definitely something your sister should look into. Video and .TV domains go hand in hand!

    Check out Name.com, they currently have a great .TV promo for multi-year registrations.

    Good luck :)

  • On October 18, 2010 at 9:29 am
    Duke wrote:

    .TV rocks all the way. It’s the future of online television. I think 5 years from now .com will be second to the leading extension .TV!

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